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Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, thanks to Alexger, I am hopelessy addicted to Atmosphir.

^Screenshot of "Munchy365's Exploratorium: The Sand Castle". Click on it to see the full size image, Blogger cut off half of it here.

^Screenshot of "Exploratorium: Forest Hollow [PREVIEW]"
But hey, I have a question (for Alexger). I want to join a team, but I'm not really sure how that stuff works, what should I do? Which teams are good?


  1. HEHE

    I should put a warning next time a make a video or something "CAUTION: MAY GET ADDICTING" lol

    Teams are groups that you can join to make a big level, kind of like a group effort. But those teams have nothing to do with the team09 contest going on right now. Some good teams to join are Horizons, Emzion, Tri-force guardians, theres tons of them. Im in a small one right now called Nvision.

  2. I don't to be in a 17-person team like Horizons, even though they are very awesome and Green Green Canyon was amazing. I would rather be in a smaller team, because being in a large team kinda takes away your individuality.


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