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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dune Poster

I had to do a sci-fi/fantasy book report for school, but I also had to do a "creative component" thing (ex. a diorama showing your favorite scene, or a poster advertising the book you read, or a short comic strip, or something). My book was Dune, so after having a huge fever for two weeks I finally got the poster done. Yeah, that's why I haven't been posting any animations for a while, because I had a 103-104 fever. Anyway, the report was due Friday, but I wasn't there because I was sick, so I have until next Friday to finish it (I haven't actually written the report yet. Don't tell anyone).

Oh and the picture's pretty big. I mean, it's a poster.

Yeah, I know the rocks are wacky looking. I did that on purpose. I dunno why.

P.S. Something strange is happening with SWFcabin. Some SWFs seem to be working, but most of the ones I watch don't. I dunno. I'll upload stuff at another site for now.

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  1. Nice! You drew that?

    I wish I had drawing skillz :(


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