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Friday, August 27, 2010

Zombie Nathan (and Numbers demo)

This is a friend and I fooling around with a tune I wrote. The groaning noises are recordings of him yawning!
Zombie Nathan by munchybot

And here's a fancy, embedded, named version of Untitled.
Fourths (Draft) by munchybot

4AM UPDATE: And here's something I've been working on - samples Tom Waits and a few numbers stations. Unfinished - it'll be longer!
Numbers (Work in Progress) by munchybot


  1. Your music sounds awesome, Munchy. I'm Frederik from the Atmosphir forums.

    One thing that would be cool, I think for one of your next songs, is to record some piano notes, and then reverse the fragment, so that you get that rewinding style effect, that in a song would sound awesome.

  2. I did that a bit in Fourths and also very quietly around the middle of Numbers.


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