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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fourths (Intro)

Fourths (Intro) by munchybot

I'm updating Fourths. This is what I have so far.


  1. I'm begging you, please at least say your leaving on Atmosphir. :(

  2. ohaider. This is awesome, but its not why i am bugging you. Thats because i have no other way to contact you.

    Id like you to make some music/sound effects for a game im sorta working on. I doubt it will be finised, but i am determined to get a working proper level, and it needs musics, so im asking you. Please email me at so we can talk 'bout schtuffz.

  3. hey bro. remember me? its coo if you dont. haha just looking back on my old life when I played atmosphir and stuff. still love your blog. yep thats about it.

  4. Hey there! Yup, you're the dude who got me into Atmosphir :O

    I haven't played in forever either, but man you missed out on some crazy stuff. I put out somewhere near a hundred levels, was voted top designer of all time, and got 20/30/whatever LOTDs. Anyway.

    I don't update the blog much anymore. You should take a look at my soundcloud account(s), and my new one since I ran out of room on the other,

    so that's that

  5. WOW.
    yeah in a way Im not suprised you were voted top :D haha bro you should keep uploading stuff on here. its really interesting.

    so that, is that.


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